Original Team Roping

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Original Team Roping

Date: June 29 - July 05, 2020
Chevy Silverado 4500 Crew Cab Diesel Dually with Skirted Flatbed to High Point Roper
6 Trailers, Saddles, Buckles, Jackets, Cactus Core Packs

Monday, June 29
books open at 4:30 pm
Rope at 6:30 pm
Pick 1/Draw for $300/roper
enter 2x 80% Payback

Tuesday, June 30
Coors/Daily Times Golf Tournament 9am
Warm-Up Roping BO 5pm/Rope 6pm
#2.5 w/#1.5 Inc. Pick 1/Draw 2, $165/roper

Wednesday, July 1
Beginner Roping - 9am
#1.0 Roping
Books for #2.0 will close at 7pm

Thursday, July 2
#2.0 Roping - 9am
Books for Century, All-Girl & #2.5
Will close at 7pm

Friday, July 3
Century Roping- 9am
All-Girl Roping
#2.5 Roping
Books for Mixed Jr./Sr., #3.5 & 4.5
will close at 7pm

Saturday, July 4
Mixed Jr./Sr. Roping - 9am
#3.5 Roping
#4.5 Slide Roping
High Point Truck Will be awarded

All roping except Open & Warm-up are $75/roper, PA 1, enter 10 times. Draw-in option is available in all ropings except Century and Mixed. Ropers must meet qualification requirements. Info flyer to be sent to all current members.

For more information, contact the OTRA office: 806-499-3584
office@otrc.net, www.otrc.net
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