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Vendor Applications

Dates for the 2022 West Texas Fair & Rodeo is September 8-17, 2022.

2022 Applications for the West Texas Fair & Rodeo will be available in February-March of 2022.

Commercial Exhibitors

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General Commercial Exhibitor Information

The West Texas Fair & Rodeo is an invitational Trade Show that has grown in popularity and size over the last 40+ years, bringing in over 140,000 people. We are excited to host some of the best shopping in the Big Country! Our booth spaces vary in size, location, and venue, so that the West Texas Fair & Rodeo customers, participant, and enthusiasts can view all there is to see across the whole Expo grounds!

Cancellation Policy for the 2022 West Texas Fair & Rodeo

If you cancel prior to these dates you will receive a refund of the amounts listed.

  • Prior to June 10th- 100% refund
  • June 10th- July 15th- 60% refund
  • After July 15th- August 1st- 30% refund
  • After August 1st- There will not be a refund

Display Building
The Display Building is an indoor shopping area located in the center of the Fairgrounds next to the Big Country Hall and the Carnival. It is easily accessible and a great place to take a break with the family to do some shopping. This building offers a range of products and services that are hand selected each year. This building accommodates 77 vendor booths within the 28,000 square ft building, which allows a steady flow of traffic.

Booth rent is $425 per 10x10 and $450 for a corner 10x10 booth. Returning vendors that have been invited back will have the option of staying in their same booth or if they want to relocate then they will have first option to move before new vendors are accepted in. The return of an application does not guarantee that you will be accepted into the West Texas Fair & Rodeo as a vendor.

Exhibit Tear Down for Display Building:

Outdoor Non-Food Exhibits

Exhibit Tear Down for Outside NON Food Vendors:

Food Vendors

Each Food Vendor is carefully selected. Presentation and appearance are very important and only the highest quality booths with exceptional food products are selected. Due to the economics of supply and demand, the West Texas Fair & Rodeo limits the amount of same food products being served. Each booth must send a picture of their booth with the initial application. This vendor booth is sold by the foot.

This vendor booth space is sold by the footage. Price range is

$45 - $60.00 per foot with a minimum of 10 foot/ 5 foot increments. Each booth will be 15 foot deep, but if you need more then you will have to pay an additional fee. The return of an application does not guarantee that you will be accepted into the West Texas Fair & Rodeo as a vendor.


All food vendors need to inquire questions related to health inspections and permits to the City of Abilene Health Department. They do not allow tents because it is a 11 day event unless it is fully netted. Environmental Health Department contact is 325-437-4586. Please refer all questions to them pertaining to meeting their requirements.

Exhibit Tear Down for Outside Food Vendors:


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Here are various vendors that are inside, outside and food vendors. Each vendor is unique by the product that they offer.

We are excited for West Texas Fair & Rodeo, September 8th-17th, 2022!
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