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Vendor Applications

The 2021 West Texas Fair & Rodeo Applications are now avaliable. Deadline to apply is June 10th, 2021.

Commercial Exhibitors

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General Commercial Exhibitor Information

The West Texas Fair & Rodeo is an invitational Trade Show that has grown in popularity and size over the last 40+ years, bringing in over 120,000 people. We are excited to host some of the best shopping in the Big Country! Our booth spaces vary in size, location, and venue, so that the West Texas Fair & Rodeo customers, participant, and enthusiasts can view all there is to see across the whole Expo grounds!

Display Building
The Display Building is an indoor shopping area located in the center of the Fairgrounds next to the Big Country Hall and the Carnival. It is easily accessible and a great place to take a break with the family to do some shopping. This building offers a range of products and services that are hand selected each year. This building accommodates 77 vendor booths within the 28,000 square ft building, which allows a steady flow of traffic.

Sneak- Peek- Thursday Sept 9th- Closed

The Display Building will open starting Friday, Sept. 10th, 2pm- 10pm

Saturday, Sept. 11th & 18th 11:00am- 11pm

Wednesday, Sept. 15th 11am-10pm

Open 2pm-10pm on all other days during this event.

Outdoor Non-Food Exhibits
The Outdoor Exhibits are strategically dispersed across the Fairgrounds, adjacent to popular features including the Old Livestock Barn where daily activities will be held at, Griffin Arena and the Carnival. Both main entrances are located in these areas creating high traffic to allow for maximum exposure for your products. Outdoor Exhibits can accommodate larger display areas with few limitations to booth size. This vendor booth is sold by the foot.

Sneak- Peek- Thursday Sept 9th- 5pm-10pm,

Saturday, Sept. 11th & 18th 11:00am- 10pm

Wednesday, Sept. 15th 11am-10pm

Open 2pm-11pm -On all other days of this event.

Food Vendors

Each Food Vendor is carefully selected. Presentation and appearance are very important and only the highest quality booths with exceptional food products are selected. Due to the economics of supply and demand, the West Texas Fair & Rodeo limits the amount of same food products being served. Each booth must send a picture of their booth with the initial application. This vendor booth is sold by the foot.

Sneak- Peek- Thursday Sept 9th- 5pm-10pm,

Saturday, Sept. 11th & 18th 11:00am- 10pm

Wednesday, Sept. 15th 11am-10pm

Open 2pm-11pm -On all other days of this event. There will be rotating schedule closer to time between the north and south vendors being open earlier.

Round Building & Modern Living Mall

This year the West Texas Fair & Rodeo is opening these two buildings to new informational booths and we will accept a few vendors that target kids. The Round Building and Modern Living Mall is where all the free kid activities will be held, creative arts, crafts, food contest, cooking shows and other events. There will be limited spaces in these buildings.

Hours in both buildings:

Everyday 11am-10pm, Except Wednesday, September 15th 9AM-10PM

Are you interested in becoming a vendor?

New Vendor Interest Application-WTFR

Thank you for your interest in becoming a vendor at the West Texas Fair & Rodeo.

Information on how our Show Works:

To submit an application, fill out the form below with all documents required. Make sure to include pictures or brochures of your merchandise and your booth display. Your application will be juried, and if accepted, a show contract will be e-mailed. If you do not submit all paperwork that’s required you will not receive a contract. Please note that an application does not guarantee a booth reservation regardless if you have been a vendor here in previous years. Applications for vendors will be juried in June 2021.

The West Texas Fair & Rodeo reserves the right to assign space in accordance with other exhibitors and products. We strive to maintain a large variety of products in all areas and do not wish to overload any one category. Items listed may not be displayed or sold. No combo meals are allowed for less than the individual prices. Food vendor exclusives: "Hand cut" french fries and Fresh Squeezed Lemonade. There are no other Exclusive Food items authorized for 2021, unless the Exhibit Manager and Executive board authorizes prior to the Fair. We do reserve the rights to limit the types of cuizines.

Contact Information

Type of Vendor

Previous Vendor

Previous Trade Shows?

Upload an image of your booth set up Booth set up photos required
Upload Image Upload an image or list of products
If you have multiple images that you would like to send, you are welcome to send them directly to Exhibit Manager,

Company Information

WTF&R provides water connections and 2 - 110-V 20-amp circuit electricity connections. Additional electrical requirements are at the cost of the exhibitor. There will be a $50 extra charge for each additional 110-V 20-amp, any 110-V 30-amp or higher and any 220-V electricity. Facility power is rated 250-V 50-amp 4 wire maximum. We do not provide garden hoses, faucet splitters, shovels, rakes, or tools of any kind. You must list your specific needs when turning in your application. At that time, the coordinator will determine whether you will be able to have that need fulfilled. Positively no one shall tamper with, or change, any of the general illumination in any of the Fair buildings, and no electric or gas connection shall be made, or pipe installed, by any person, other than a licensed plumber or electrician. All work must meet City Code. This charge of $50.00 is to cover the cost of electricity while on site. This amount does not cover any additional service calls from the electric company that is needed.

Prices of booths vary depending on the area that you are placed.

Display Building vendor spaces:

10 x 10 = $400
10 x 10 with a corner = $425

Outdoor Vendor Space = front footage x area cost
North side of the midway - $55 per foot
South side of the midway-$50 per foot

All spaces are figured on a 15 foot depth, but if you request more depth than 15 feet, there are only certain areas that can be fulfilled in. You will need to discuss this with the Exhibit Coordinator.
Front footage is based on 5 feet increments (ex: 5, 10, 15, 20)

Round Building and Modern Living Mall-
10x10 for $250

All Exhibitors:

You are required to provide a certificate of liability Insurance showing coverage of $500,000 Combined Single Limit (CSL) with WTFR named as an Additional insured on this certificate or pay WTFR to secure the liability coverage for you.There is an additional cost of $175 for this coverage.

Please return a deposit of ½ cost of booth space with this signed application, pictures of the booth if new, copy of sales tax if new, and proof of insurance OR prepayment of insurance by 06/10/21. The Balance of your total booth space is due by July 15, 2021. The Return of your application does not guarantee a booth for this year's event regardless if you were a previous exhibitor. The West Texas Fair & Rodeo has the right to refuse any late documents, and or payments.

Each exhibitor will be required to have a tax ID # (SS #) to do business during the West Texas Fair & Rodeo and we report a list of Exhibitors to the Texas Comptroller's office each year before the show begins.


Should you have any questions please contact the exhibit manager at 325-795-6701 or 325-677-4376.


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Here are various vendors that are inside, outside and food vendors. Each vendor is unique by the product that they offer.

We are excited for 2021 West Texas Fair & Rodeo!
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